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"Back to Life" is here to help you to get your life together, to be a happier person and useful member of society. We understand you very well since some of us have been there... Let us help you. Our team and professional staff in Israel will help you and your family to determine the cause, and will help you to know yourself, to know that you are a wonderful person, that it is not your fault. You are not guilty, just ill, and we will help you to control this disease together. You will regain a desire to live and will regain the love and confidence of your family. You will become a loving child, sister, friend or caring parent again. You will learn how to make friends and keep the respect you deserve, you will be able to return to your loved one or move on with life. Take a break from life as you know it. Sober life is rewarding and many presents and blessings are on your way!

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